Winter: The Vracken's Gate

A fantasy novel By
Mark W. Miller

Hardly a dungeon, dragon or elf to be found. Just magical women and the men who follow them, tangle in lust, bad choices, family life, and the horrific consequences of betrayal and colliding agendas.

Read the first bit(PDF). At least you'll find out a little about vrackens and the trolls that love them.

Damn, that was good.
Warning: There be the King's English

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A creature of inconceivable evil and age lies entombed in a prison of rock and ice deep beneath a mountain. The vracken, Noctodondolus  – a distant relation of the vampire – over extends himself in a powerful magical endeavour, and destroys his carefully crafted empire. The swordsman, Cet, and his druidic wife, Roosha, raise a pack of children in a rambling old castle; so large they call it the Citadel. A teenage girl, jilted by a careless lover, turns to the darkness of her past in a desperate attempt at vengance, succeeding only in awakening the imprisoned creature, threatening their world with another dark age. A dwarven king wrestles with an underground invasion, unaware of the forces responsible. A powerful xera – an expert in combat spells - weary of her life in the Citadel, leaves to seek her fortune; only to end up in the arms of the vracken.

An adventure of swords and magic, of colliding agendas, dark intent, and black humour, Winter takes place in a world of anarchy and wizard-seed – creatures the result of countless generations of life manipulating life. It tells the story of Noctodondolus’ plans to open a gate to the planes of the abyss, a gate that will bring a horde of demons. The vracken hungers for their magic, which he intends to use in a powerful spell during a rare celestial event of great opportunity. The swordsman Cet, and his druid wife Roosha, becomes entangled in his sinister plan, and finally leads the challenge to stop him. His partner Thinian shadows him. The man is broken when his wife, Lathalia, finds a better purpose in her magic and abandons him. The blossoming mage rejects her old life with a flourish, but not before saving the Citadel in an hour of need.